In the sea of mommy's belly

In the sea of mommy's belly l 2006 (Dutch version)

De Eenhoorn, Wielsbeke

Cover and illustrations: Femke Gerestein

ISBN 90-5838-397-6

A baby lands in the sea of mommy's belly. It is still so small that it is not able yet to do a lot: just laughing, dancing and swimming.

Especially swimming. When you lay your ear against mommy's belly, you can hear it.

But the little baby becomes tired of all that swimming and decides to build a boat. A boat with a sail. But then the wind is blowing.

The wind becomes a storm...

A tender story about expecting a baby that unfortunately is not viable. A book of comfort for all those who are confronted with a miscarriage. With po√ętic and suggestive illustrations of Femke Gerestein.

Target group: children and adults

topics:  miscarriage - bereavement - death - life after death

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